Tendon Clinic

Tendon Clinic

Tendon Rehabilitation

At Physio Hub we firstly focus on tissue diagnosis, once diagnosed, we implement our treatments. Our Physiotherapists have broad experience treating a range of tendon conditions and are dedicated to helping our clients return back to normal activity. We approach each problem differently to ensure you get a tailored experience.

Initial Assessment

Your treatment will be based on your initial diagnosis.

1. Understanding your history – We will discuss your history with you and aim to identify possible risks factors and training faults which could cause tendon issues.

2. Clinical Assessment – Our physiotherapist will carry out a clinical assessment in the area effected.

3. Functional Assessment – You will be assessed by carrying out selected functional movements like squats or lunges with the physiotherapist.

If you would like to discuss your problem, further before booking please call us on 01 525 3440