Physio Hub/ Ulcerative Colitis

24/03/22 - 2 min read

Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis (IC) is no joke. Apart from the extreme pain, it can also bring with it, enormous emotional stress.

So what is IC and how can we recognise it?
Symptoms can include:
- Diarrhea
- Fatigue
- Abdominal pain
- Appetite loss
- Urgent Need to defecate
- Inability to defecate despite need

So how can physiotherapy help?
Regular physical exercise will improve your mood, it reduces blood pressure and allows you to maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately, with chronic ailments like UC, the quality of your life can be impacted quite severely, leading to stress, axiety and in some cases depression. So physical exercise is incredibly important if you are suffereing from UC.
Many people forget but not only is exercise good for your general mood but it also has great anti-inflammatory benefits. More exercise means more contractions from your intestine which means it's stimulated more and becomes more flexible, allowing food to pass through it easier.

This exercise is great, because it not only gets you moving but it also relaxes you. With our trained physios we will devise a bespoke plan for you to help alleviate some of the symptoms you are suffering.