Here at Physio Hub we have three highly skilled physiotherapists who will assess and plan out a personal schedule tailored to your individual needs and physiological make up. Whether it's weight loss, post surgery recovery, flexibility training or a niggling injury, our team is here to help.

Having a personal trainer can have many benefits but one of the main ones is accountablility. Our physios will keep a detailed diary of your work out's, your scedule for the weeks/months ahead and will track your progress. This will keep you focused and motivated on achieveing your goals. We also have access to the latest equipment to help in your class, and guess what, there's no waiting around for the equipment to come free, and our physios will teach you the best and most effective ways to use said equipment and to maximise your output.

We work with seniors and believe that improving mobility and with it general independence is paramount to improving your mental well being along with your physical side too. Our physios will start with an evaluation and off the basis of that and taking into consideration your own personal reasons for seeking treatment, will devise a plan that will get you back to your best.

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