Mens Health

Mens Health

At Physio Hub we believe all men should get specialist care for their pelvic health to provide a high quality of life and health. Male health concerns can arise at a young age, present in sports or intensive activity, or in older age. Many men ignore pain as there is reduced awareness and a stigma around certain injuries that lead to men ignoring them.
Men’s Health physio is not just for older men, it can include the following:

· Pain Passing Urine

· Abdominal Pain

· Rectum Pain

· Coccyx Pain

· Erectile Dysfunction

· Burning Sensation in the Penis

· Testicular Pain

· Post-surgical Problems

· Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

· Bowel and Bladder Problems

· Rehabilitation After Prostatectomy

· Radiotherapy Induced Pelvic Pain


Your Physio Hub Experience will include:

· Full assessment of your problems.

· Pelvic floor and abdominal muscle rehabilitation to support recovery after surgery, treatment and or pain.

· Safe exercise plan and education specific to you.

· Communicate with a Personal Trainer or anyone that can support your return to activity or wellbeing.