Physio Hub/ Bone Health & Fall Prevention

06/05/22 - 2 min read

Physiotherapy & Bone Health: Fall Prevention

There can a number of contributing factors when it comes to avoiding falls and maintaining your health.
- Footwear is so important, substance over style is my rule! - Keep active; keep miving that body, regular exercise is so important - Medication: be careful when taking medication, balance can be affected along with other symptoms. - Healthy Bones: regular exercise and working out, along with dietary guidelines, can help maintain your strong bones.

Studies have shown that exercises that concentrate and improve balance can be significant factors in avoiding debilitating falls. Low blood poressure can also be a factor. In particular when getting up from a seated or horizontal position. The sudden change can often result in a feeling of light-headednes and imbalance.

The single most important factor in predicting future falls is analysing past ones. Gathering as many contextual factors will also help greatly in diagnosing and hopefully preventing future falls.

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